The COLONNADES is professionally managed by The Giesler Group, Inc (GGI) ( a Wisconsin Corporation) . GGI conducts business in accordance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. It is the policy of GGI to provide housing to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status.

GGI has established a consistent procedure for processing all rental applications. Each application is thoroughly reviewed, approved or denied based on the criteria listed below.

1. Fill out the rental application as completely as possible. If you have a spouse or roommate, each adult person who will reside in the apartment home must submit an application.

2. An earnest money deposit of no less than $ 250.00 is required on each submitted application. The earnest money should be made payable to The COLONNADES and mailed to The Giesler Group, Inc. 3019 Holmgren Way Suite 100 Green Bay, WI 54304 or given to the onsite apartment manager for the COLONNADES. No application will be processed until the earnest money is received. If the applicant is approved the earnest money shall become a security deposit to be held by The COLONNADES to be used for any damage ( less normal wear and tear) caused by the applicant upon the termination of the lease and vacating the apartment. (See #5 Below)

3. Applications may be approved within a few hours of submittal but could take as much as 3 days. The time required depends upon the availability and cooperation of your reference sources. In order for your application to be approved or denied, the following will be checked:

A. Credit. A Credit Report is required for all applicants. A co-signer may be requested in absence of required credit report, in cases of a poor credit history or low levels of income to debt levels. A good credit rating is required and expected.

B. Rental History. Your current and/or previous landlord will be contacted. Questions may include (but not limited to) the following:

C. Employment/Income Verification. Your current employer will be contacted to verify your employment status and /or income information.

D. Criminal Background Check. A criminal background check will be conducted on all adult applicants.

No person shall be accepted for residency who has been convicted of any criminal activities which may also include the following.

E. Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. All Applicants will be checked against the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry list and/or other states that have similar registries.

4. Your application may be denied for one or more of the following:

5. If your application is approved, the $250 you submitted with your application becomes part of the security deposit. Before you will receive keys to the apartment, with no exceptions, the following is required:

A. For your review, you will receive a copy of the Lease and any Addendums (If any).

B. The Apartment Lease and attached Addendum(s) will be signed.

C. The balance of the security deposit plus the first month’s rent will be paid in full. If submitted by check, A $35.00 NSF will be charged for any returned checks .

D. A Certificate of Renter’s Insurance.

6. If your application is approved, and you cancel or withdraw your application, the landlord may be compensated for actual costs or lost rent. The landlord will make every reasonable effort to re-rent the apartment as soon as possible.

7. If your application is denied, the landlord may withhold up to $25.00 of the earnest deposit per consumer credit report. A credit report is required for all applicants.

I have read, fully understand and agree to the terms of the above information.

I have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding this information and how it will be used.

I understand that the following application will not be processed until I provide the earnest money described above.

I authorize The Giesler Group, Inc or it's authorized agent to investigate the rental application information furnished by me to establish residency at The Colonnades Apartments by initialing and clicking the submit button below

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